What’s my land worth?

Got a piece of land you're thinking of selling or letting out? Our team of land experts is on hand to help you get an accurate valuation and assist with getting you listed.

Whether you’ve bought a plot of land to specifically develop yourself, inherited it, or purchased it with the intention of selling for a profit further down the line, you’ve probably wondered what its current market value is. Valuing land can be challenging, with many factors coming into play that can have an impact on the listing price, from existing planning permission to site access and topography. Centrick’s land team are experts in providing accurate land valuations, as well as advice on how to maximise the value of your land. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a full valuation and consultation.
Land Value

What will your land be used for?

Land use is an important factor in determining value, and will also define the target audience for your listing. If you have a rural, greenbelt plot then it will likely be sold for farming and agriculture, whereas a city-centre plot with the potential for residential, commercial or mixed-use development will be targeted to developers who want to generate a profit. Whatever the purpose of your land is, there will be complexities in the valuation and sales process, so it’s important to get a reliable land agent on board to support you throughout.

What is a land agent?

What features impact land value?

There are many other characteristics that can affect the value of your land. For example, location will play a key part when defining both land use and value. If your plot is situated in an urban area that is experiencing high growth, close to transport links and amenities, then you will likely get a high amount of interest from developers which will drive up the price. However, if your site has challenging topography, limited access, or no connection to utilities, this may negatively impact the value. Similarly with agricultural land – access, topography and drainage can be contributing factors to the final value, amongst other things.

If your plot has existing planning permission, this can really help with a land sale, as it means that the developer can begin construction immediately, rather than going through the lengthy planning process.


Land Valuation

So, what’s my land worth?

As you can see, getting an accurate value for your land can be a challenge with so many different factors contributing to the listing price. Here at Centrick, we’re committed to making sure that we carry out a detailed appraisal, taking into account all of these features to provide you with a full valuation that will allow you to make an informed decision on whether to list it for sale or rent.

Our expert land team has decades of land agency experience and an abundance of connections to help you find the perfect purchaser for your plot. Whether you’re ready to list now, or just want some advice on your next steps, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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