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Centrick Invest is able to help you understand your wider investment needs and start formulating plans based on how a Birmingham property investment may assist your investment strategy - using our exclusive CentrickScore methodology.

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Centrick Invest has a range of investment-led resources to assist you during your research. Read up on the most effective investment strategies, understanding the Birmingham buy to let landscape and the top locations to consider within the Birmingham property investment market.

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Why choose Birmingham property investment?

Our first step is understanding your goals and more importantly, you. To provide an effective service, we need to understand how you invest and what you want to achieve. Many people find themselves entering the UK property investment market for different reasons – you may have found you’ve inherited a property or simply want to build a form of passive income by exploring buy to let property investment in Birmingham. Whatever your reasons, understanding your motivations and requirements can help Centrick Invest address your investment property needs. 

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How has regeneration changed Birmingham property investment?

The Birmingham property market is thriving thanks to the vast amount of regeneration happening across the city. Much of the city’s redevelopment was made in time for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which became a catalyst for improvement across the city. From the renewed Alexander Stadium, which is expected to become a focal point for international sporting events, to the construction of 1,400 homes in Perry Barr, the Commonwealth Games has provided valuable infrastructure and regeneration that has boosted house prices, enriched communities and opened doors for investment. With yet more regeneration scheduled at Curzon Street, Smithfield, Greater Icknield and beyond, the city is only just getting started.

How is transport impacting the Birmingham property market?

Transport links play a huge part in the performance of a property market and Birmingham is no different. Infrastructure improvements have supported ongoing regeneration and paired with the residential developments being launched across these districts – such as Priory House and The Pressworks – it’s no surprise that Birmingham is becoming an obvious choice for both property investors and renters.

Better yet, investment into West Midlands transport is ongoing – with plans to connect the already extensive Metro to Birmingham International Airport, Dudley and Merry Hill. The upcoming HS2 station at Curzon Street will further solidify the city’s status as the core hub of the West Midlands whilst simultaneously giving local house prices a boost.

How is demand impacting Birmingham property investment?

Birmingham remains a hotspot for renters thanks to its affordability, the standard of living and employers, especially compared to cities such as London where the cost of living and rents are far higher.

According to Home, the average rental price for a Birmingham property is £1,446 and yet property prices are over £300,000 less than the capital – highlighting the potential for exceptional yields for landlords.

For renters, the opportunity to get bigger spaces for less money – alongside everything that Birmingham offers directly on their doorstep – is an enticing one. It’s this demand that is making buy to let properties in Birmingham immensely popular.


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Why invest in Birmingham property going forward?

Birmingham is experiencing continued growth that is showing no signs of stopping, with each property type experiencing steady growth.

  • The average property price in Birmingham has soared by 78% over the last decade, seeing prices rise by around £103,000. Forecasts suggest they could continue to rise by 18.5% between 2023 and 2026.
  • Rental prices for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in Birmingham have increased by 13% and 16% respectively over the last year.
  • It’s expected that Birmingham will have an additional 20,000 households over the next 10 years, demonstrating the demand for living in the city.
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Why choose Centrick Invest?

With 18 years of experience in helping clients find their next investment property and build a portfolio that works for them, Centrick is well-versed in supporting investors looking to take the next step in their property journey.

From portfolio consultations that help you understand the potential of your investments to advice on diversifying your investment portfolio or spotting the next property hotspots – we’re here to do the hard work for you, so you can start actioning your investment plan.

This ongoing support also means we have an accurate, reliable picture of your CentrickScore and wider investment plan, which allows us to provide optimal recommendations for expanding your portfolio of buy to let properties in Birmingham.

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