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What is an office agent and why do I need one?

In this piece, we’ll discuss just what is an office agent and why you may or may not need one, but first, let’s look at the current landscape.

With many new businesses blossoming, and existing businesses booming, the hunt for commercial space is more important than ever. However, it’s no secret that the commercial landscape is difficult to navigate, even for those with some previous property experience. Whilst many businesses muddle through the transition from kitchen table to fully fledged offices on their own, many still go it alone when switching offices, it’s well worth noting that much like any other legal or property transaction the detail is all important. This is why many seasoned business owners appoint an office agent to ensure that their next business base is secured smoothly and that any and all incentives, price reductions and benefits are achieved. Which begs the question…

What is an office agent?

An office agent is an advisor to help guide you through the process of renting or purchasing a commercial unit or office. They offer similar services to residential estate agents, albeit for the benefit of clients looking to find their next business hub. A good office agent will help you with a variety of key areas, from building out your requirements before you even start looking, to understanding any incentives you may be entitled to and importantly should be able to help you exit any existing lease you may have. A good office agent isn’t just a legal counsel to support your regulatory and paperwork needs, but will actively work with you to think critically about your business, your ambitions and of course, your growth plans. Do you need to attract staff, and clients, improve retention, and collaboration or create an environment for growth? Whatever it is Centrick Commercial understands that an office is so much more than just your 9-5 (or 5-9!). Alex Tross, Commercial Director told us “Finding and securing an office can be one of the biggest and most important decisions for growing businesses, getting it right can support recruitment, client acquisition, staff retention and forging the right company culture.”

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Why do I need an office agent?

Here are five key reasons why you need an office agent:

Building Out Your Key Requirements

An office isn’t merely bricks and mortar: it’s the space where your business evolves and thrives. Your office is an embodiment of your brand – each client that steps foot into your commercial space, or even passes it on the street, gets an impression of your business as a whole based upon your office space. Office agents such as Centrick understand that your commercial space transcends a few desks and chairs, and we keep that at the forefront of our mission to source exceptional spaces for our clients. Understanding beyond the core specification is critical to creating the right space, by looking further than the basic wants and needs for your commercial space, we’ll make sure to find you a business hub you can make your own and be truly proud of.


An office agent is adept at negotiation and will be able to negotiate the best price and terms for your next commercial property. They will be able to ask the right questions at the right time, armed with the knowledge to produce results that benefit your business. They will be able to lend their expertise to sourcing, shortlisting, viewings, negotiating and completing, ensuring that all bases are covered. Whether you are renting your first commercial space or expanding your business into yet another office, an office agent will be able to help you negotiate your way to the best possible deal. So long as you set out clear goals for your office space, your office agent will be able to take care of the rest: Centrick, for example, will go above and beyond to source our clients a commercial space that not only fits their specification but adapts with their business. What’s more, Centrick will remain your point of contact throughout your lease to ensure that your office remains suitable for you, and will be able to advise how to get the most out of your space as your needs change.

Freedom for clients

Office agents are able to understand the complexities of the commercial lettings landscape, allowing business owners to focus on the tasks that matter to them. Sourcing properties, commercial or residential, can be a time-consuming process – an office agent will take away the stress and responsibility of finding your next property. This leaves commercial tenants and buyers to spend time growing their business and preparing for their move into their new commercial space.


Commercial agents will most likely have existing connections across the industry and access to units that may not be on the market yet. Many landlords choose to keep their commercial units off the market to save on commission costs or maintain privacy, with only well-connected office agents having access to these exclusive unlisted units. Without an office agent, you may miss out on the perfect commercial unit for your business. It is also likely that your agent will have existing experience with the vendor of the off-market unit, contributing to the trustworthiness of your prospective landlord.


In an ever-complicated commercial landscape, an office agent provides an alternative to sourcing properties on your own in what can be a difficult environment. Commercial property rules and legislation are constantly developing and can differ based on the different types of commercial units you are interested in, so it helps to have an expert on your side to help you navigate this terrain. What’s more, your office agent can assist you in the legal aspects of renting or purchasing a commercial property by double-checking your lease information and contracts are watertight. They will also be able to assist you in checking over the details that you may otherwise neglect, such as looking at business rates, principal rent review clauses and dilapidations.

What can Centrick offer?

Centrick offers a service for commercial tenants that goes beyond the realms of the traditional office agent. We are proud to be award-winning, RICS accredited property professionals with an understanding that your business hub is more than just a few square feet of space. Our team has expert knowledge on what businesses truly want, especially post-pandemic with hybrid working being at the forefront of many of our client’s minds. However, we understand that your office isn’t merely a place to embody fleeting trends – our team acknowledges that the office is a reflection of your brand and your home from 9-5. We want to help you find a space to grow and feel inspired, and will continue to help you make the most of your commercial space well into your lease.

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