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What Door Colour Sells Best

Whether you’re walking past a house with a ‘For Sale’ board, on your first property viewing, or scrolling through Zoopla and Rightmove, first impressions count. The front aspect of a property is likely the first introduction many homebuyers will have to their next purchase and can influence their perception of a property before they even set foot inside. Your front door is the gateway between the exterior and what lies within, and its colour can help you create the initial ‘wow factor’ that will make your neighbours envious and your potential purchasers intrigued.

There’s no secret, subliminal or hidden messages encoded within your door colour can ensure your home sells faster, or for more money, than your competitors. So, there may be some value in paying close attention to your front door colour, with the chosen hue perhaps having some kind of influence on your viewers and potential buyers. After all, a bright-green door amongst a street of beige ones is sure to make a striking impression – but is it the right one? Today, Centrick is breaking down precisely what your door colour says about your home, and which colour can boost your chances of a quick sale!

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What Door Colour Is Right For Me?

Black or White

Harkening back to the classic black door of number ten Downing Street, black doors present a sense of formality and seriousness to your house’s exterior. What’s more, you can guarantee that a black door will never go out of style, with the monochrome tone being timeless. The same can be said for white which, according to research carried out by Ideal Home, can add £3,400 to the value of your home. However, those choosing white doors will surely have to account for the maintenance of such a pristine door, with white staining immensely easily – a darker colour may be better suited to those looking for a low-maintenance choice.


Unlike black and white, blue doors can encompass a variety of hues. From rich royal blues that create a sense of grandeur that makes entering your property feel ceremonious, to a more muted blue reminiscent of the Tardis, and more modern teals – there is sure to be a shade of blue that suits the exterior of your abode. Even more convincing than the mere variety of blue shades is that it was recently voted by CountryLife to be the best door colour to encourage a house sale.

Our advice? If you’re painting your front door blue, make sure to keep a spare tin of paint or a note of which specific colour you’ve used for touch-ups: there’s nothing worse than covering scratches and imperfections with the incorrect shade!

A Pop of Colour

But what about all of the other colours in the rainbow? According to property renovator Sarah Beeny, bright colours provide a twist to properties, especially those in need of a modern makeover – after all, what’s more eye-catching than a pre-Victorian property with a bright pink door?! This contrast leaves viewers, neighbours and passers-by alike wondering what lies beyond such a striking exterior. This can be especially effective if you’re selling a terraced property in a busy street and are keen to have your home stand out from the crowd. If you’re feeling particularly daring, using a trendy pastel hue can be particularly memorable to prospective viewers and can offer a welcome alternative to the shades of white and beige that many houses have.

Consider Using Colour Theory

Contrast is key to making your front door as striking as possible – if you want to stand out, it’s important to create a distinction between your doorway and the materials that compose the rest of your exterior. Grey or white exteriors have the benefit of being so neutral that any colour will compliment them on the colour wheel. Red brick buildings can benefit from a green door, with these colours sitting opposite one another on the colour wheel. The rich red hues, paired with the earthiness of a green door, will create a cosy, homely aesthetic for your buyers before they even set foot through your door!

Centrick’s Top Tip

Ensure that any windows at the front of your property have the appropriate matching curtains or blinds to compliment your door, and make your colour choice stand out. This will demonstrate to viewers and passers by that you have made intentional, careful choices regarding the colour scheme of your property, leaving a positive lasting impression and indicating that the interior of your property has been designed with just as much thought and consideration.

Ready to get your next buyer through the door?

When you’re looking for your next home, first impressions count. As much as we’d love to believe that a simple slick of paint over your entrance can lead to a successful sale, unfortunately the process constitutes far more. Thankfully, Centrick is on-hand to ensure that you get the best possible price for your home, and in the best time. Our team of award-winning property experts have been helping sellers in Birmingham, Solihull, Nottingham and beyond sell their homes for decades by providing tailored advice and guidance to get you moving. We can even recommend the best door colour for your home, if you so wish!

For more information on how Centrick can help you get on the road to ‘sold’, contact our team using the form below, or check out the rest of our blogs here.

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