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Creating The Summer Garden Of Your Dreams

Here in the UK, we all adore our gardens. Throughout the summer, many of us will spend our spare time in beer gardens, at National Trust sites, and in our own gardens hosting friends and families, In fact, 87% of British homes have their own garden, so it’s safe to say that outdoor spaces are a huge part of our daily lives. As such, it is vital that you maintain your garden not only to ensure that you can enjoy it as much as possible in the summer sunshine, but so you can give your property value a boost if you’re looking to sell. 

Without further ado, here are Centrick’s best ways to make your outdoor spaces work for you this summer!

Alfresco Dining

Opportunities to enjoy food and drink outdoors are few and far between in the UK thanks to our famously unpredictable weather. However, with the sun forecast to shine bright this summer, there is no better time to create the summer garden of your dreams by adding a classic alfresco dining space. These dining areas create a slice of mainland European culture in the heart of your garden, encouraging you to enjoy the sunshine with friends, family and – most importantly – good food! Here are our top picks to transform your garden into an alfresco haven:

  • Fire Pits are fantastic centre points for your garden, especially for those evenings where summer is transforming into autumn and a chill begins to emerge. Reminiscent of campfires and family holidays, fire pits provide a great opportunity to gather friends and family for social events, and perhaps even toast some marshmallows while you’re at it!
  • Patios and decking areas are perfect places to place outdoor furniture to enjoy your alfresco dining experience. Having a designated part of your garden for eating, drinking and relaxing will encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. You’ll never use your indoor dining room again!

Outdoor Kitchens

Speaking of outdoor eating areas, many homeowners are creating designated spaces for the preparation of food in their gardens. From barbeques to grills and even pizza ovens, gardens across the UK are becoming secondary kitchens. Many of us are even growing our own produce, with a 2021 study indicating that almost half of us are growing herbs, fruit and vegetables. With over 7.4 million of us starting our produce growing journey in the pandemic, it’s safe to say that many Brits will have a few ingredients waiting to be cooked from their very own yard.

Garden Hideaways

Sheds and summer houses are fantastic additions to your garden this summer, especially if you are hoping to make the most of your outdoor space. These areas double-up as workshops, offices, storage, and simply places to relax and unwind while looking out on your summer garden. Many homeowners enjoy the boundaries that a shed or summer house create between their indoor ‘home’ space and outdoor ‘office’ or ‘personal’ space. This isn’t to mention that summer houses and sheds make a more cost-effective addition to your home than extensions, making these a fantastic investment for those hoping to boost the value of their property before selling up this summer.

Activity Space

Chances are that you have a little more free time this summer thanks to the summer holidays and the longer, lighter days and nights. Why not spend this free time in your garden?

For families with children, invest in summer playsets to encourage your little ones to spend time outdoors this season. From swing sets to slides, paddling pools to pop-up football goals, the possibilities are endless. 

Speaking of paddling pools, why not treat yourself to a hot tub this summer? Four person hot tubs start at £200 and certainly look impressive to friends and neighbours, not to mention their unique ability to encourage rest and relaxation after a long day. 

For those looking to workout while the sun is shining, why not invest in an outdoor gym set? Gym equipment can be used year in, year out to improve your health and fitness, with the summer sunshine being the ultimate motivator to get outside and start working!

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Fall In Love With Your Garden This Summer

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