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Should I sell my home furnished or unfurnished?

One of the first questions prospective sellers must answer is whether they should list their property furnished or unfurnished. The contents of your home are vital for shaping viewers’ perception of your property, whether you’re trying to create a cosy, characterful family home or a minimalist blank canvas ready to be decorated to suit its new owners. We’ve considered the many benefits of furnishing, as well as some alternative options for those hoping to get their property looking its best before it is listed.

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The Benefits of Furnishing

The Right Fit: furnishings provide context in terms of size and can clearly demonstrate the dimensions of a room in a more engaging way, whereas vacant rooms beg the question ‘would my belongings fit in here?’. This is particularly valuable for small single bedrooms or box rooms, with furnishings such as sofa beds or office desks proving to your buyer that these spaces add value to your home. Furthermore, furnishings can help to avoid deception by the wide-angle lens photography used by some agents to allude to more space, as furniture provides a reference point for size context, making your marketing as transparent as possible

Value for Money: when potential purchasers are seeing your property via images, virtual tours or physical viewings, they are actively mulling over how much they are willing to spend to secure their next home or investment. Furnishings subconsciously allude to getting more for your money by filling otherwise dormant spaces and can justify a slightly elevated listing price.

Home Sweet Home: vacant rooms may look more spacious, but they can strip away the sense of occupation which makes a house a home. Filling your property makes it feel cosy and lived-in, which is an encouraging prospect for viewers who are hoping to find their next home. Furnishing can also provide your viewers with inspiration and encourage them to think about how they would make the space their own and adapt the existing furnishings to suit them.

What if I’m not prepared to furnish my property?

Furnishing your home isn’t for everyone – it is undeniably an expensive endeavour and counterintuitive for those who have already vacated their property and have no use for additional furniture. Here are some alternative options to get your home looking prim and proper for photography and viewings:

Staging Services

Already moved your furniture out? Don’t fret! Staging services can offer a far more cost effective way of furnishing your property for images and viewings without the commitment of purchasing an abundance of dreaded IKEA flatpack furniture. If you’re really opposed to having any furniture in your property, virtual staging may also be an option worth exploring, although traditional property staging is certainly best for open houses and viewings.

Staging companies allow vendors to rent hard and soft furnishings for their homes and can handle the arduous installation process on your behalf. They can also take away the confusion of interior design by allowing you to talk to home styling experts, thus giving your home the upper hand over others on the market in your area. Good staging should be able to sell a lifestyle to potential purchasers – be it quirky living, serene minimalism, or a cosy family home– as a means of encouraging competitive offers on your property. In fact, staging can increase the value of your property by 10 per cent, making it a worthwhile endeavour for those trying to sell properties that have been sat dormant on the market for quite some time.

The Bare Essentials

If furnishing or staging isn’t for you, you can still spruce up your property to make it look its best for viewings and photos. Ensure that you have deep cleaned the entire property, especially any carpets: without sofas and beds to cover up any dark marks or spillages, your flooring will be exposed for scrutiny. In the same vein, grab a tin of paint and quickly touch up any marks on your skirting or cupboards – this quick job makes a huge difference in the overall presentation of your property and indicates that it has been looked after throughout its previous occupancy. For any viewings or open houses, place reed diffusers or plug-in air fresheners across your property to keep it smelling fresh and welcoming. Make sure your light bulbs are all functional and if you want to go the extra mile, use warm-toned lightbulbs to rid your property of the clinical cold-light bulbs that are all too reminiscent of dentist offices. Lastly, don’t forget your garden: mow the lawn, straighten any fence panels, and get ready for a successful sale!


Now you’ve decided whether to sell your home furnished or unfurnished, let Centrick handle the rest. Our award-winning Sales Team have the expertise to get your home sold quickly, whether it’s furnished or not! Use our instant valuation tool for an informal appraisal, or contact our team below for more information on how we can help you get moving:

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