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How To Optimise Your Property’s Floorplan

Give your property value a boost this summer by optimising your property’s floorplan! Here are Centrick’s top tips for transforming your home’s layout with savvy floorplan amends, designed to add value at home and create a space you truly enjoy.

Why Is My Property Floorplan So Important?

But first, why is amending your property’s floorplan so important? If you take the correct measures to optimise your floorplan, you can greatly boost your property’s market value. After all, amends to your property floorplan such as loft and garage conversions, open-plan living spaces and extensions are all value-boosting. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, making proactive changes to your property’s floorplan can help you to optimise your space, change your home to suit your evolving needs, and can keep your property up to date with modern trends should you choose to sell in the future. Here are some of the best amends you can make to your property to optimise your floorplan:

Open-Plan Living

One of the most popular trends over the last decade in interior design is the creation of open-plan living spaces. Many homeowners are keen to merge rooms, particularly kitchens, dining rooms and lounges, to create a more comprehensive space. Instead of having multiple smaller, segregated rooms, many of us want to change our floorplans to create one large area to bring together family and create the illusion of more square footage. By creating larger, airier living spaces you can boost property value by over £45,000 – but be careful not to remove load-bearing walls when creating open-plan areas, or risk sacrificing the structural integrity of your home!

Flexible Spaces

Homes now function as offices for hybrid work, so our homes must reflect this and be flexible. That’s why many property purchasers are looking for floorplans with flexible spaces that can meet the needs of the buyer. Here are a few ideas:

  • Turn your spare room into a functional office space in the day, and a bedroom in the evenings! Consider purchasing a sofa-bed or fold-away bed to make the most of tight spaces
  • Use folding doors to create separation in your home. This is especially helpful if you want to maintain the ‘open-plan’ feel of your home, but also need a separate space to take meetings if you work from home. Sliding or folding doors give you the option to choose!
  • Multi-purpose furniture is a great option for those looking to optimise their floorplan, but don’t have too much available space. Some bookshelves have fold-out desks, some beds have under-mattress storage, and some bedside tables double-up as magazine stands. By limiting your furniture, you’ll be able to create more free-space and boost the appeal of your floorplan


Get the most out of each square metre of space by implementing storage solutions across your home. Convert your understairs storage into a pantry to keep clutter away from your kitchen; integrate fitted wardrobes to maximise available space and encourage you to stay organised; or opt for sliding doors that take up less space where room is tight.

Stuck for storage solutions inside your home? Your floorplan can extend to external renovations, so be sure to create functional spaces outdoors to get the most out of your garden. Consider garden rooms, patios, and conservatories to add more usable space to your home without sacrificing space indoors. This is the perfect option for those looking to create a gym, office, or garden room to enjoy year-round. Better yet, garden rooms, sheds and similar outdoor structures can be great for boosting the value of your home – expect to see a 50% return on your investment!

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Perhaps the most obvious addition you can make to your property’s floorplan is in the form of an extension. If you don’t think your floorplan is extensive enough, you are in need of additional bedrooms or living space, or you simply want to make your property more attractive on the market, an extension is a fantastic option. In fact, a study from Nationwide unveiled that a double bedroom and en-suite addition to your property’s floorplan can add a huge 23% to your home’s value. Besides adding value, this may also be a sensible route if you feel that you are outgrowing your home, and could be an easier, quicker and cheaper option compared to purchasing a new home altogether.

Still wondering whether an extension is the best option for you? Check out our latest blog on whether an extension can help you reach your property goals!

Boost Your Property’s Floorplan With Centrick

Looking for ways to improve your property’s floorplan? Perhaps you’re looking to undertake some quick and simple DIY tasks this summer? Or maybe you’re hoping to make a number of changes to your home to boost its value before selling? No matter what your property goals are, Centrick has the tools to help you. That’s precisely why we created At Home With Centrick, a hub for all the property advice you could ever need! Check out the At Home hub here or alternatively fill out the form below for more tailored property advice from our resident real estate experts:

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