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Most Beautiful Places To Live In Solihull

Why live in a beautiful area?

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, living in a traditionally green neighbourhood that is well-looked after, clean and full of character certainly adds value. In fact, the Office of National Statistics found that green and blue spaces (meaning areas that contain water and aquatic-based features) can increase the value of surrounding properties by up to 3.5%. This is likely because spaces that contribute to natural beauty create a superior quality of life when compared to concrete jungles, and can even help residents lead more fulfilling lives. For landlords, this means greater tenant retention, longer tenancies and fewer void periods.

In this piece, we’ll be considering the green spaces, historical features and community initiatives in Solihull’s key neighbourhoods in our quest to reveal the most quintessentially beautiful neighbourhoods in the region. But why live in Solihull?

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Why live in Solihull?

Solihull is set to welcome the upcoming HS2 Interchange Station, which adds yet another string to its bow of exceptional transport options for locals, after already being home to Birmingham International Airport. As such, opportunities for growth and investment are flooding into Solihull – jobs at the new HS2 Interchange, the extensive town centre masterplan and integrated Solihull transport hub are sure to bring new tenants and residents into the region. Although Solihull’s future looks bright, we needn’t forget all the existing facilities that already make it a fantastic home to so many. Schools such as Tudor Grange Academy, Solihull School and Arden School are all exceptionally high performing; Touchwood Shopping Centre provides everything locals could possibly need; and the range of restaurants, cafes and eateries rivals even Birmingham. Ultimately, if you’re searching for a fantastic place to live, work and play… live in Solihull!

But what suburbs and regions are the most quintessentially beautiful?


This small Solihull parish, whose name translates to “hill of the elms”, dates back to the Domesday Book. Despite being the home of Birmingham International Airport, Elmdon offers some beautiful options to experience stunning walks, wildlife and nature. Here are some of the best:

  • Elmdon Park: As a local nature reserve and Green Flag Park, Elmdon Park has plenty to offer its visitors. From its own football pitch and tennis courts, to walking trails leading to St Nicolas’ Church and Elmdon Hall, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy at Elmdon Park
  • Elmdon Manor: Spanning over five hectares, Elmdon Manor consists of meadows, walled gardens and ponds. The perfect place to spend time with friends and family

Town Centre

The heart of Solihull may be filled with exciting shops, restaurants and amenities, but there are plenty of options to experience the beauty of the West Midlands. Here are our favourite parks:

  • Malvern and Brueton Parks: These two parks offer endless possibilities for visitors. From ornamental gardens and lakes, sensory gardens, play areas and unique trees such as English Oak, Giant Redwood, Maidenhair and Indian Bean Tree. The parks even host annual carol services and regular Shakespeare in the Park shows!
  • Tudor Grange Park: Home to Solihull Social and Summer Fest, the Green Flag Tudor Grange Park sits in the heart of Solihull town centre and offers easy access to skating facilities, outdoor gym equipment and scenic cycling tracks


Dating back to the Iron Age, Shirley is a town full of character, but not shy of embracing the 21st Century. Here are our favourite places to experience:

  • Shirley Park: This expansive green space sits in the centre of Shirley’s town centre, thereby providing some peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle. The space contains a new dog agility area, community artwork initiatives and a skate park, setting it apart from other parks in the region by truly offering something for everyone
  • Historical Sites: Shirley proudly preserves its history through the help of Heritage Trails. From Shirley Baptist Church in the North of the town to St. James’ in the South, heritage trails leading residents and visitors across the sights of Stratford Road exemplify the brilliant efforts made by locals to maintain the essence of their historic town


Dorridge is known for its abundance of picturesque green spaces, making it the perfect place to spend time with friends and family. Here are our top picks for the most beautiful places to spend time in Dorridge:

  • Dorridge Park and Nature Reserve: A Green Flag park which offers a play park for all ages, as well as a variety of ancient Ash, Oak and Beech trees that enhance the natural landscape
  • Broadacre Estate: With an abundance of plants, animals, birds and bugs, Broadacre Estate and Gardens makes a fantastic day out. The estate’s Nature Trail extends towards beautiful rockeries, ancient hedgerows and conservation areas for bats, bees and everything in between!

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Just minutes from the Grand Union Canal and the rolling hills of the Solihull countryside, Knowle offers a quintessentially English village feel. Here are just a few of the things Knowle has to offer:

  • Knowle Park: This local nature reserve has ornamental gardens, zipwires, tennis courts and outdoor gym equipment, all set across the grounds of Longdon Hall. Additionally, locals can contribute to the Friends of Knowle Park community to ensure the proper upkeep of the park
  • Grand Union Canal: Knowle Locks offers a brilliant opportunity to explore Solihull with a focus on the stunning canals that weave through the countryside. The canal forms part of the Knowle Heritage Walks
  • Packwood House: This Tudor property, surrounded by parks, gardens and beautiful topiary, is a popular destination for locals and National Trust enthusiasts alike. The stunning flower borders and kitchen garden provide a wonderful place to relax and centre your thoughts

As your local Solihull sales and lettings afficionados, Centrick is proud to know the region inside out, allowing us to give you the best possible advice on purchasing property in this beautiful part of the West Midlands. For more information on which part of Solihull works best for you or your tenants, or to understand what it’s like to live in Solihull, get in touch with us below – we’d be delighted to help!

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