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How To Sell A Terraced House

Are you looking to sell a terraced house, but want to make your listing stand out on the market? Fear not – here are all of the factors you need to consider when selling your terraced home to ensure a speedy sale that gets you the best possible price!

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Challenges when selling a terraced house

Although terraced houses are typically full of character and sit in convenient locations, they aren’t without their challenges. Understanding potential purchasers’ reluctancy to considering your terraced property, and being sure to address and mitigate these preconceptions, can help you boost your success when selling your unit. Here are a few things that you should consider when formulating your sales listing for your terraced house:

Lack of Space

There is an assumption that terraced properties offer less space outdoors, less privacy as walls lead directly through to your neighbours, and narrower rooms and staircases that can make manoeuvring furniture items difficult. As such, vendors should try to make the most of their space, utilising every nook creatively, and using careful colour and furniture choices to maximise the space you have. Interior designers suggest using a monochrome colour scheme, focusing on a feature piece of furniture and optimising lighting to create the illusion of more space.

Roadside Location

Terraced houses often sit beside busier roads, and therefore can raise concerns regarding the safety of children and pets, it’s therefore a good idea to provide some insight on the local area and community to address this. Additionally, there is usually competition for parking spaces at terraced properties as the adjacent roads are used for on-road parking, leading to a cluster of parallel-parked vehicles. To mitigate this, Centrick recommends advising any viewers of alternative parking spaces, or quieter roads where parking can be more readily available, to put their mind at ease. Listing popular public transport options on your advertisement to sell a terraced house may also be helpful in providing a variety of options for residents that commute to work or school.

Nearby Neighbours

Similar to flats and apartments, terraced properties sit directly beside other units, which may cause some privacy issues. This can sometimes lead to neighbourly disputes, especially pertaining to noise complaints, as each unit is within very close proximity. Similarly, poor maintenance of neighbouring properties may begin to impact your property, especially if your neighbours have structural issues, damp, or knotweed. It is therefore important to stress the friendliness of you neighbours and wider community, whilst also having the appropriate surveys completed to ensure that any broader structural issues are detected and addressed accordingly.

Benefits of selling a terraced house

Thankfully for vendors, terraced properties come with an abundance of desirable features that can help you create an alluring listing and speed up your sale! Try to focus on the following applicable factors to boost the appeal of your advert:


Terraced houses are the cheapest type of property in England, with an average price of £258,301 as of August 2022 according to the UK House Price Index. This is considerably lower than other property types: terraced units are almost half the price of detached houses, over £43,000 cheaper than semi-detached units, and even slightly cheaper than apartments. This makes them an obvious choice for first time buyers and investors. Similarly, terraced houses are usually cheaper to heat as they share walls directly with other properties, helping with heat retention, making your long-term energy bills far more affordable.

Outdoor Space

Unlike flats, terraced units tend to come with outdoor spaces, making them great for families with children or pets. Although these spaces may be small, they are sure to boost the value of your home, with 70% of property purchasers being willing to pay more for a house with a garden.


Terraced houses are one of the more popular property types in suburbs close to town and city centres thanks to their space-saving format. This ensures brilliant connectivity in otherwise competitive, high-density populations.


The layout of terraced properties is able to bring communities together – akin to apartment blocks, the sharing of such space and neighbourhood facilities can foster a sense of commonality which can enrich residents’ lives and living experiences.


Many terraced properties are abundant with character as they are typically older builds. As such, purchasers can anticipate the inclusion of higher ceilings and traditional features that cannot be found in more modern developments.

Are end-terrace houses more valuable than mid-terrace houses?

In short, yes! According to Savills, end terrace properties are worth up to 18% more than their regular mid terrace counterparts. This is likely because these end plots offer more privacy having one neighbour rather than two, similar to a semi-detached property, and potentially more outdoor space as they may occupy more spacious corner plots.

How are terraced houses performing?

A recent survey by the Open Property Group has determined that, since 2012, terraced property values have soared by a huge 63%. In 2021 alone, just as Britain was recovering from the pandemic and house prices were expected to remain stagnant, terraced property prices soared by 8.2% according to property portal Zoopla. This may indicate a shift away from flats and apartments and onto houses that offer outdoor space such as gardens, especially since lockdown.

Are you ready to sell a terraced house?

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