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Why It’s Good To Have Your Home On The Market Over The Festive Season

Is the market busy over the festive season?

Although many vendors worry that the festive property market will be slow as estate agents, solicitors and conveyancers take well-deserved holidays, the market is surprisingly buoyant around Christmas and New Year. This is likely because many people have free time during the festive season to contemplate their plans for the year ahead and propose New Years resolutions, with a common resolution for many new and existing homeowners being to move house or consider their investments for the year ahead.

Such an appetite for property can be seen in web activity on property portals during this holiday period. According to 2022’s Rightmove statistics, online property views on from Boxing Day to New Years day hit a huge 51 million, which is 50% higher than the same period in 2020, making it the single most significant week for property views all year. Additionally, Rightmove experiences a 228% increase in site traffic between Christmas and New Year as the public spend their spare time searching for design inspiration or planning their next move in the time they have away from their otherwise hectic work lives. With the introduction of Stamp Duty cuts in September encouraging more people to get on the property ladder or plan their next purchase, we anticipate that this number will increase once again, making December and January a fantastic time to get your property on the market.

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New Year, New Home

The primary motivation for buyers’ increased interest in the property market during the festive season is the need to plan changes as the new year approaches. Although some members of the public will plan to exercise more, learn a new skill or adopt a new mindset, an increasing number of people – specifically millennials and those from Generation Rent – have set their sights on homeownership. Publications such as The Times and The Guardian tout the ‘New Year, New Home’ mindset by promoting the adoption of a new, fresh space to start the year and provide a basis for a clean slate. With media outlets encouraging the idea of a new space to call home as 2024 approaches, it’s no wonder that property listings are set to soar in popularity throughout December and January.

What if I wait until after January?

Many vendors have a mind to leave their significant property decisions until the new year, completely bypassing the abundance of opportunity that the December property market offers sellers in terms of increased interest.

The anticipated surge of early January ‘new to market’ properties results in a stagnant February wherein the market becomes swamped and over-saturated with new instructions, making it more difficult for your property to truly stand out on the open market. What’s more, with the excitement of Christmas and New Year gone, and with many people giving up their positive New Years resolutions and aspirations within a few weeks, the market can begin to slow. This isn’t to say that selling at the start of the year is an impossible feat, but it may prove more time-consuming for vendors that are eager for a quick sale.

Benefits of listing over the festive season

Besides the benefits of increased interest over the festive period and the mentality of ‘New Year, New Me’ encouraging more viewers to consider moving, there are a plethora of other benefits that come with listing your home over the festive season!

Time To Clear Out

Many households embark upon a huge pre-Christmas clear out in order to find festive decorations that have been in storage for the last year, organise their discreet hiding spaces for secret gifts, and tidy their homes in preparation for visitors. This period of time could also be used to get your home in order for photographs and viewings, with your home already being in presentable shape. What’s more, the twinkle of Christmas lights, and array of foliage from Christmas trees and mistletoe make for a wonderful atmosphere in which to present your home. After all, if you’re trying to sell your home, you may as well get it on the market when it’s looking its very best!

Less Stress

Having your property active on the market over the Christmas period avoids the complexities of a mid-December or Christmas-time sale. Balancing a home move with the already stressful events of December can be challenging for even the most experienced of sellers. Instead, listing your home on the market over the festive period and preparing for a sale in the New Year allows you to spend your time relaxing with your family.

Money Matters

Finances may be tight in the run-up to Christmas, with many prospective sellers choosing to list their property on the market in the immediate run up to Christmas so they may gather interest over the busy festive period. This way, sellers can save their selling fees and solicitors fees until after the new year when funds are less tight.

Are you ready to list your home over the festive season?

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