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Get your garden sales ready

During the COVID pandemic, what we needed to get out of our homes changed. With less to do outside of the house, people turned to their garden spaces to provide respite during a stressful time.

Now that restrictions have lifted, and we have returned to some sense of normality, those looking to move want much more from their homes, including their outdoor space.

Garden spaces can increase the value of a property, although the value of which depends on the location. If you have a city property with a garden and thinking of selling, you are already at an advantage. Properties with a garden appear in more searches on property portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla. But first impressions always count! In this blog, we discuss how you can get your garden selling-ready!

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How important is a garden for selling a home?

Property portals saw a rise of over 40% in searches for houses with garden spaces. It portrays a natural shift of people moving away from properties in urban areas, favouring a slower pace of life in the country.

With many of us continuing to work from home, the need to be located near transport hubs in the city to commute to the workplace has dwindled. However, with many businesses still expecting their staff to be in at least some of the time, we won’t be seeing a colossal mass exit of homeowners from the city just yet. In fact, The Times recently reported a new swathe of buyers remorse occurring within those that have upped sticks from the city to the country.

Many homeowners have struck a happy middle ground to circumvent this, moving away from city locations and commuting into the office. During a time when we were limited in where we could go, many homeowners decided to invest in their properties, particularly the garden space and now are thinking about what’s needed to get their garden sales ready.

What if I have a small garden?

Whilst many people believe a large garden is always king, you can still make the most of a smaller space to attract buyers. Transforming a boutique garden, particularly in a built-up urban area, can be done by creating inviting living spaces with some private elements, especially when overlooked by neighbours. You can create an inviting private space outdoors using trellis panels, garden furniture and plant walls. If possible, you can break up the eye-line from your garden to your neighbours’ windows by creating various seating spaces, short walls or planters.

What should I do to get my garden sales ready?

Remember the idiom “get your house in order”? Now it’s time to get your garden in order! Here are a few tips to give you some ideas on getting your home and garden ready for sale.

1. The front is just as important as back

First impressions are vital – according to the Homeowners Alliance, most people make up their minds on a property within a couple of minutes of arriving. Whilst you may think that all your focus needs to be on your back garden, sprucing up your front exterior can do wonders for kerb appeal. Consider sprucing up your front garden by hiding wheelie bins, using hanging baskets or even a fresh lick of paint on your front door and garage.

2. Get your garden viewing ready
You wouldn’t carry out a viewing of your house if it were messy, so why do the same thing with your garden? According to Saga, an overgrown garden could reduce the value of your property by up to 20%. Make sure you get your garden viewing-ready with the basics; fix any furniture, give fence panels a fresh coat of paint and wipe down your garden furniture.

3. Utilise your features

If you have a prominent feature in your garden, such as a pond, water fountain or tree, this can become your focal detail. Use other outdoor furniture like bird tables or sundials to create a serene scene in your back garden.

4. Add some colour

Too much of the same thing can become monotonous. You can easily add various colours to your garden with shrubbery, flowers and furnishings.

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