24th Feb 2022|News|BTR & Asset Management|Estate Management|

Centrick launches city hubs in national expansion

Centrick is launching a series of new city office hubs in an ambitious national expansion drive as it continues to secure major new building and estate management contracts across the country.

The Birmingham-based business is investing more than £1 million this year as it recruits around 50 staff to deliver services from new regional offices in Sheffield and Gerrard’s Cross, as well as city hubs in Manchester, Portsmouth, and Nottingham.

More hubs at key locations are in the pipeline. Centrick’s building and estate management and build to rent teams will grow to more than 70 by the end of the year, handling a portfolio of over 350 developments comprising around 20,000 homes.

Centrick chairman James Ackrill said: “Our approach to expansion at Centrick has always been cautious and considered. The concept behind our national expansion program has been to try and stay true to our values of building quality local teams with local knowledge and connections that benefit the buildings that we manage.

all designed to fulfil the vision of Centrick, helping to make our customers’ lives better

Centrick Building & Estate Management

“City hubs allow us to build a working environment closer to the buildings that we manage. By doing this we can forge stronger working relationships both with our clients and our network of local contractors.”

He added: “This blend of hub and spoke offices allows us to continue to invest within key areas of our core team, such as building safety and compliance, whilst providing a local service, on a national level. As the number of homes we look after continues to grow we expect this scalable model to expand further to meet the requirements of our clients. The teams located throughout England have the benefit of a comprehensive infrastructure of technology, knowledge and expertise all designed to fulfil the vision of Centrick, ‘helping to make our customers’ lives better’.

“The hubs will be in serviced office environments, spaces where we will create an environment that is better than working from home and better for the team. They will be a great place to be. Our teams can work and be part of a busy and energetic environment where they can meet as a team and meet clients. It is much better for collaboration and it will also help cement our relationships with local contractors.”

The company is set to welcome a new director, in April, who will lead the building and estate management division’s growth in the north and south, potentially including Bristol, Cardiff, Kent and Essex.

Group managing director Phil Johns said: “Both Centrick’s building and estate management and build to rent services have continued to experience strong growth over the last two years and, as part of the next phase of the company’s evolution, we will be building on our regional office network.

“To ensure high quality property management, we feel there has to be local level property managers that can build strong relationships with supply chains and contractors. This allows best value for money delivery and better knowledge of local eco-climates, which is always top of the agenda for our customers.”