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What To Look For When Finding Someone To Build An Extension

If you’re looking to add value to your property by expanding available living space, an extension is the perfect investment. Research carried out by The Times suggests that an extension can add up to 10% to your property value. Even better, two-storey extensions are even more beneficial for your house value. In fact, Nationwide suggest that a two-story extension which adds a bedroom and bathroom to your property’s floorplan can see your home’s value skyrocket by 23%, making this a worthwhile investment. But how do you know what to look for when finding someone to build it? Here are the five qualities you should keep a close eye out for when looking for a team to build an extension:


When researching reputable contractors to undertake your extension, it is vital that you consult reviews from those who have had similar works done. This provides further trust and validity to the companies or tradespeople that you are looking for. Websites such as Trust A Trader and Check A Trade are particularly helpful, as each of the reviews they post are vetted. Alternatively, if you have a friend, relative or neighbour that has recently had an extension or similar works completed at their property, it is worth asking whether they would personally recommend the team that carried out their works.

Industry Credentials

Once you’ve found a selection of tradespeople you are interested in hiring, it is vital that you request details about their industry credentials to ascertain whether they meet trade industry standards. These qualifications and certifications indicate that your chosen builders have the knowledge and experience required to do the best job possible. Here are a few trading bodies that indicate your chosen builders can carry out exceptional work on your extension:

  • The Guild of Builders
  • Federation of Master Builders
  • National Federation of Builders
  • The Government’s Trust Mark scheme

Previous Works

When searching for someone to build an extension, it is important that you look at their portfolio of previous works. Not only does this indicate that your chosen builders have the necessary experience to carry out works on your property, but this gives you a valuable insight into the style of work your builders are able to create whilst also helping you to establish trust with your builder.


When it comes to agreeing a price for the works you want to have done, it is important that you understand what the standard price is for the works you are interested in. This will depend on the part of the country you are located in, the size of the extension you want, and whether the extension expands across one storey or multiple. It is certainly worthwhile obtaining quotes from multiple builders and businesses to ascertain what prices are reasonable. Your chosen builder must also not be overly eager with timescales. They should instead make a measured estimate of start and completion date that considers potential delays, holidays, and their current schedule of works.

You must also obtain a thorough cost breakdown from your chosen builder which includes details on the following:

  • Construction drawings and plans
  • Details on the materials that will be used
  • Details on fixtures, finishes and fittings

Good Signs

There are a number of good signs to look out for when trying to settle on a professional to build an extension. It is always a reassuring if your chosen tradesperson wants to meet you in person to discuss your requirements, especially before taking on the job – it indicates thoroughness, friendliness and transparency. Similarly, a builder shouldn’t simply agree to take on the works immediately without asking you an array of questions, visiting your home and doing the relevant research.

Although many extensions can be carried out without obtaining planning permission, there are some instances where planning permission is necessary, such as when the scale of your proposed extension takes up more than 50% of the land surrounding your home. Lastly, your builder should be eager to show you their previous works. It is even more reassuring if they will gladly refer you to past clients and take you to see other works in person.

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