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8 Reasons Why Job Opportunities Are Thriving In Birmingham

A new report has shown that Birmingham is now the second best city outside of London for job opportunities, beaten only by Manchester. This puts the city ahead of businesses hotspots in Leeds, Bristol and Edinburgh. The report by recruitment agency Michael Page has demonstrated that opportunities across the city have increased by 27 per cent since 2021. But why is Birmingham transforming into such a hub of opportunity?

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Why are job opportunities so good in Birmingham?

Population Growth

Birmingham has one of the fastest growing populations in the UK, and remains the youngest population on average thanks to its abundance of acclaimed universities, vibrant culture and diversity. Since 2002, the population of the city has increased by a staggering 227,000, with Birmingham providing a great alternative to London and its troubling ‘London Bubble’ of extortionate prices. This makes Birmingham a far more appealing prospect for those moving to the UK, getting their first jobs, or finding their ideal place to attend university and subsequently settle down in a vibrant city.


High Speed 2 has dominated the narrative regarding investment in the West Midlands, and with good reason. The preparation of land ready for the laying of tracks has been vital for local heritage and archaeologists, boosting job opportunities in these sectors, not to mention that the construction of each terminal and track will create thousands of jobs. The 27,000 strong HS2 workforce has helped tackle local unemployment levels significantly, and is set to create an abundance of long-term opportunities for those who have helped create the network.

The Big City Plan

Birmingham’s 20 year Big City Plan targets development in the centre of the city, generating an additional £2.1 billion for the local economy per annum. This astounding plan, which includes continuous regeneration, is set to create a whopping 50,000 jobs by the time of its completion thanks to the development of new public spaces, notably the 1.5 million square meters of space for new businesses.


Birmingham New Street station is the busiest station in the UK outside of London, and the busiest interchange station in the country thanks to Birmingham’s unrivalled connectivity. The station connects to Edinburgh, Cardiff and London, as well as smaller local stations across the city and the wider West Midlands, meaning that commuters from all over the country often pass through Birmingham during their journeys to and from work. It’s no wonder job opportunities in the region are thriving, Birmingham is vastly well connected to the rest of Britain, and thanks to Birmingham International Airport the city is accessible to the rest of the globe too.

£300 Million Expansion for BHX

Speaking of airports, Birmingham International Airport is awaiting a scheduled expansion worth £300 million that will employ more people and ensure that Birmingham is a more accessible destination for the UK and the rest of the world. The terminal renovations will contribute to a more streamlined experience for passengers with simpler access and increased numbers of security personnel: this is sure to create long-term job opportunities for BHX staff, as well as contracts for building and construction firms.

Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games created 4,500 jobs each year in the run-up to 2022, and involved collaboration with over 6,500 businesses to ensure that the Games ran smoothly, creating an abundance of opportunities for Birmingham. However, now that the Commonwealth Games has been and gone, are there any opportunities left? The answer is yes! The Legacy Fund for the Games will help Birmingham to continue providing sporting opportunities to those who need them, keeping the Commonwealth spirit alive with initiatives such as the Job and Skills Academy, and the upkeep of the newly constructed Sandwell Aquatics Centre.

Paradise Development

The £700 million Paradise development is set to dominate the city centre as the most ambitious development Birmingham has seen for a generation. With 1.8 million sq ft of space being created by the project, the final result will include cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops and prime commercial real estate spaces that are sure to be snapped up by global businesses looking to base themselves outside of London, joining the likes of HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. A 49-storey octagonal residential tower is also under construction, with its innovative shape a world-first, and set to be a permanent addition to Birmingham’s growing skyline.

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Relocation of Big Businesses

Many global businesses have chosen to move their headquarters away from the capital as a means of avoiding surging office rents and to keep their costs lower. Deutsche Bank, HSBC and PWC are just a few of the globally renowned businesses that have chosen to relocate to the UK’s second city. The government’s levelling up agenda has also been paramount in shifting the wealth of opportunity away from just London, and across the rest of the country. Many government departments have relocated to Birmingham as part of the Places For Growth programme, which has seen over 2100 civil service roles move from London to the West Midlands. Individuals from the Department for Transport, Cabinet Office and new Government Property Agency have already started to move into Birmingham, with more to come by 2025.

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